sweet jeebus, january 31st, 2004

Harris sent me these tracks a couple years ago. Lauren found an email that I think might go with them:

…and something completely different: my final gig this past saturday
as the drummer in Sweet Jeebus. I’m playing drums on 1-6 and mandolin
(not so well, alas) on 7-12. And I sing on 9.

Who played in this group? I think it was Matt Donahue, Juliana Trivers, Ryan Dorin, and Ben Herzog

01 Wish I Was In Prison 3:29
02 Bound To Win 3:34
03 The Whisky Is Gone 4:28
04 Love Mountain 3:22
05 The Fancy Life 4:02
06 Three Nights Experience 2:32
07 Everybody Lies A Little 3:06
08 You're Still On My Mind 4:04
09 Vincent 1952 5:52
10 Chitlin' Cooking Time 7:00
11 Baby Steps 6:18
12 Low Down Dog 4:44

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