bowl, cat, and broomstick and dracula

First Published on August 26, 2008:


The first track below was composed for Wallace Stevens’ Bowl, Cat, and Broomstick. I found Harris’ note stating “This piece is comprised of three looped layers of music, which were mixed in and out live during the performance. This recording progresses through just layer 1, then 1 + 2, then 1 + 2 + 3 followed by just 3.

The next series of tracks were composed as the incidental music for Mac Wellman’s Dracula which was directed by David Levine and presented by the Mark Theatre Company at the Ohio Theatre, 66 Wooster St., NY (11/14 – 11/29, 1997)

Other recent notes from Dave Levine: Track 1 is actually: Transylvania [reprise]–I think we might have used it at intermission. Track 7 is Curtain [Transylvania #3]

01 Music for Wallace Stevens' Bowl, Cat, and Broomstick 1:59
01 Transylvania 2 1:18
02 Vampyrettes 0:30
03 Transylvania 2:19
04 Mina and Lucy 2:27
05 Lucy's Seduction 1:29
06 Transfusion 1:09
07 Transylvania 3 1:04

Updated August 3, 2009:
I found and converted Harris’ DAT recordings of Dracula and also found some sheet music sketches. Conveniently, Harris left a track list that seems to align with the sheet music. Harris names are slightly different from the ones David provided above. Curiously, the tracks are listed from 2 to 11, not 1 – 10.

The first 4 tracks below were on one tape and other 10 on another tape. They may actually be duplicates. For sure most of these tracks are duplicates from the ones I posted above with some minor exceptions and the addition of Carfax.

01 Sketch Mina 1 2:26
02 Sketch Mina 2 2:31
03 Sketch Lucy 1:25
04 Sketch Trans II 1:16
05 TransII 1:15
06 TransII Alt Mix 1:14
07 Mina 2:26
08 Lucy 1:29
09 Transylvania 2:17
10 Vampire 0:31
11 From the Gutter 1:09
12 Gutternoise 1:07
13 Carfax 2:07
14 Transylvania Better Mix 2:16

I’ve scanned and posted the sheet music notes that I found in the order I found them in. They’re still a bit of a puzzle.

harris wulfson’s all star klezmers december 3rd 1994

The recordings below are from This Was Chanukah Live December 3rd 1994. I’ll need some help identifying the tunes on some of the tracks and confirming the players because as you can see, the poster I have is from a different year.

I BELIEVE it is Barak Tulin singing.

Track 03 is a klezmer version of Tom Waites’ Rain Dogs

01 romania 4:41
02 hava nagilah hora 9:20
03 rain dogs 5:29
04 svivon sov sov sov 6:31
05 Bei Mir Bist Du Schon 5:28
06 tzena tzena tzena Bashanah Bashanah Haba'ah 8:11
07 partial 1:40
08 unknown 4:50
09 Bei Mir Bist Du Schon 6:10
10 svivon sov sov sov o ti vay 10:43
11 welcome 0:14
12 jerusalem of gold 4:58
13 tzena tzena tzena 6:22
14 unknown 5:44

three new acoustic compositions

Harris wrote these three pieces while in high school, probably around 1990 after The Telluride Sessions came out. I recall he titled one piece “Stone’s Flower” because his friend, Annie Stone, had given him a flower in school one day.

He is playing all the parts on these recordings. Yes, that is a tin whistle and harmonica on Coming Home.

01 arizona highway 4:49
02 stones flower 4:20
03 coming home 2:39
[audioalbum title=”Three New Acoustic Compositions” detail=”  Details” date=”1990″] [audiotrack title=”Arizona Highway” mp3=”″] [audiotrack title=”Stone’s Flower” mp3=”″] [audiotrack title=”Coming Home” mp3=”″]