sweet jeebus, january 31st, 2004

Harris sent me these tracks a couple years ago. Lauren found an email that I think might go with them:

…and something completely different: my final gig this past saturday
as the drummer in Sweet Jeebus. I’m playing drums on 1-6 and mandolin
(not so well, alas) on 7-12. And I sing on 9.

Who played in this group? I think it was Matt Donahue, Juliana Trivers, Ryan Dorin, and Ben Herzog



Sweet Jeebus, January 31st, 2004


MATT DONAHUE – September 23, 2008
Yes, this is Sweet Jeebus playing downstairs at the Knitting Factory for a Look ‘n Listen Festival fundraiser. I think this was December in 2004. This was Harris’s last show with us as drummer. The lineup was:

Harris: drums vocals tracks 1-6, mandolin vocals 7-12
Me: Vocals, acoustic guitar tracks 1-6, vocals, drums 7-12.
Brad Shank: Electric Guitar
Mark Yokoyama: acoustic guitar, vocals
Ben Herzog: Bass, Vocals
Ryan Dorin: electric piano
Juliana Trivers: Fiddle, vocals
Michael Gomez: lap steel guitar

Needless to say the stage was crowded. Harris’s arrangement of Vincent 1952 is pure genius. He also was the inspiration for the klezmer like ending on chitlin cooking time.