nouvelles & work



This website is intended to be a collection of Harris Wulfson’s work, music, and bits of his life.

By sharing in this manner, I hope to have others help me add to the content, as well as fill in some of the missing puzzle pieces. Everyone is encouraged to add comments and share their stories about Harris; if you feel that you have something to share that you’d rather not have posted up on a public forum, please contact me directly and we’ll discuss options. Additionally, everyone is encouraged to contribute to the other related groups (see the links list to the right).

I’m particularly interested in any recordings, videos, sheet music, or computer programs that people may have. I know I’m missing a lot, but I don’t always know what to ask for, or who to ask, so please, if you have anything written by Harris, or any recordings on which Harris is playing, let me know.

Any work created FOR Harris is also welcome!

Ultimately, I would like to have a library of his work and I need everyone’s help to do it.

Michelle “Mishka” Wulfson Jaeger