sketches from high school 1: tchatzkies

Ok I admit I haven’t a clue what to name this post so I kind of went literal. Here are a collection of sketches, baubles, trinkets or what have you that Harris recorded in high school. This is the post where he’d be rolling his eyes at me and saying “oh no! what are you DOING!?! Don’t post that up there!!” So Harris, I’m sorry. But some of the folks really DO want to hear these things.

I expect this post will be updated with more later as I find them – or find more complete versions of them.

In the meantime, I bring you:

01. The Quadratic Roots Song – A bluegrass song.

02. Someday When I’m Famous – Judy Penner, someday when you’re famous this will be worth a lot of money.

03. Silver Staff – A “New Wave” song. Harris and Alex Feinman set out to write an ’80’s pop song using every cliche in the book one night during a holiday party.

04. Why Can’t a Woman Be More Like a Man – Well, Rex Harrison really WAS an early rap star, wasn’t he?


Sketches From High School 1: Tchatzkies


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