experimental music and george antheil’s ballet mecanique, May and June 2008

May 7, 2008
I’m playing in three concerts this weekend. These are the final shows this season in the Object Collection series. See me performing movement while being deprived of both vision and hearing in a premier by Eric Clark! Witness me wandering around the stage with a violin in Aaron Meicht’s incredible music-theater piece “Bermal”. Drumming with chopsticks on guitar in a piece by Travis Just? And more!
And next month, my piece Enumerated Types will be part of the “George Antheil‘s Legacy” concert on June 7th at 3-Legged Dog. Come and hear my music, along with George Antheil‘s Ballet Mechanique performed by the robot collective, Lemur.
For those not in New York, all performances will be streamed live by free103point9 (7pm New York time).
Get the stream here: http://www.free103point9.org/Programs:

May 8, 7pm:
Eric Clark (New York), Christoph Ogiermann (Bremen), Craig Shepard (New York)

May 9, 7pm:
Gisburg (New York), Paula Matthusen (New York), Aaron Meicht (New York)

May 10, 7pm:
Turf Boon (Dublin) [featuring Jennifer Walshe], Travis Just (New York), Quentin Tolimieri (New York)
Alex Barreto, Eric KM Clark, Kara Feely, Travis Just, Aaron Meicht, Seth Meicht James Moore, Quentin Tolimieri, Jennifer Walshe, Harris Wulfson

All performances at:
Ontological Theater
St. Mark’s Church
131 E. 10th St. at 2nd Ave.

tickets: $10, $20 gets you into all three concerts as well as all three NOISE! events
(The 3 performances in May are partnered with the annual NOISE! festival. NOISE! shows are 10pm-1am in the same theater.)
Experimental Music has received generous support from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.



On WNYC Soundcheck

Soundcheck America’s show on Antheil was replayed tonight on NPR. This performance, Antheil’s Legacy (PDF), on Jun. 7 2008 was written up in the NY Times: link to NY Times or here (PDF).

The show is about the George Antheil’s Ballet Mecanique. At 17:40 minutes into the broadcast, Harris gets a mention as a composer who has written music in the tradition of Antheil though they don’t play any of his work.

“One of the great curiosities of 20th-century music is “Ballet Mécanique,” a 25-minute percussion-and-piano extravaganza featuring 16 player pianos, electric bells, airplane propellers, an alarm clock and a siren, by Trenton-born composer George Antheil. The groundbreaking work is now being staged in a performance…by robots. Charles Amirkhanian, the music executor of Antheil’s estate, and Eric Singer, the director of the League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots, join us with a preview.

“Ballet Mecanique” premieres with an automated orchestra as part of the performance Antheil’s Legacy on Jun. 7 2008 at 9:30pm at 3LD Art & Technology Center.”

“As a special kickoff for a three-week run, of the new 80-minute play based on Antheil and Lamarr called “Frequency Hopping,” its performance on Saturday night was followed by a 70-minute concert titled “Antheil’s Legacy,” conceived by the composer and producer Charles Amirkhanian…  In the concert, “Ballet Mécanique” was preceded by performances of recent works by Luke Thomas Taylor, Harris Wulfson and Lukas Ligeti that explore various uses of digital music-making.”

Click the link for an archive stream of the Soundcheck broadcast: Ballet Mecanique, Performed by…Robots

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