the garden – for julie orser, 2005

the garden
Harris composed the soundtrack for Julie Orser’s video installation project titled, The Garden in 2005.

More information on Julie and the project at:



three channel video & sound installation
5 min. loop
single channel edit 8 min. 43 sec.

The Garden consists of a three-channel video installation investigating the structure of a three-act narrative by literally dividing it into three separate spatial and temporal components within one installation. The project takes the visual form of the silent comedy of Buster Keaton, however displacing the hero into a highly manufactured and stylized black & white set similar to the films of George Méliès (A French director and magician from the early 1900’s who pioneered special effects and helped to push the new form of film into an artistic context). The hero of this video has a series of mishaps as he tries to plant a garden. His misfortunes are with an antagonistic “cinema” that causes sections of the set to malfunction or move unexpectedly. The camera then goes out of focus, follows him, and eventually his world is turned upside-down.

*The Garden can be screened or installed.

Cast: Andrew Love (as Buster Keaton)
Set Designer: Zoe Frasure
Art Department: Jennifer Bruce, Zoe Frasure, Victoria Fu, Diego J Garza, Ryan Gould, Heidi Gress, Trulee Grace Hall, Rebecca Hobbs, Jon Irving, Fiona Jack, Max Maslansky, Shizu Saldamando, Eric Golo Stone, Josh Stone
Crew: Jason Decker, Rebecca Hobbs, Katie Lewis, Jon Irving, George Wichelns
Dolly Operator: George Wichelns
Music: Harris Wulfson
Still Photography: Rebecca Hobbs, Jon Irving
Hair & Make-Up Artist: Etienne de Damoiseaux
Special Thanks: Chris Bassett, Christine Brandt, Frank Chang, Mary Janacek, John Kim, Noah Peffer, Kimberly Schoen

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