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From Zachary London:

Lauren said you were trying to compile every recording Harris ever made. He played on two Hard Taco songs, both in 2007. “Girls Are So Neat” is the first HT song Harris played on. That’s Russell [Schwartz] doing the backup vocals on the later choruses. This [second] one is called, “Only a Man.”

Finally, I’m not sure if you have any use for this, but this is a song that is sort of ABOUT Harris, although he doesn’t play on it. On several occasions, Harris told me that his favorite Hard Taco songs were not the old-timey or celticky ones, but the all-out rockers. He enjoyed this song because it reminded him of one of his favorite bands, Weezer, and because he liked the idea of being personified as a criminal.

A crappy version of this song was first recorded in 1996, shortly after I met him, but the version I’m sending you was a remake from 2003.

– Zach

Hard Taco Project


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