heqt (harris, eric, quentin, travis)

(re-posted from Harris’ main site from 2008)

Eric, Harris, Quentin, Travis
Experimental and Improvised music

We are a group of improvising musicians living in Brooklyn, NY. We started playing together in early 2007, with no goal in mind except to see what happens. We all have degrees from the music school at the California Institute of the Arts. The group’s members are:

  • Eric Km Clark – Violin
  • Travis Just – Saxophone
  • Quentin Tolimieri – Piano
  • Harris Wulfson – Violin, Mandolin, Guitar

We hope you will you be enraptured or intrigued or offended or entranced or any other thing, by our music. Here are some mp3’s of our sessions (Sessions 5 and 6):



HEQT (Harris, Eric, Quentin, Travis)


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