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In the spring of 2006, Adam Fong, Lewis Keller, Cat Lamb and Harris formed a group at CalArts Called RADU. I know very little about this group but here are some recordings from it. Perhaps the group members can fill me in, and also let me know if any of these pieces have names. The .mp3 titles have some reference notes I added to them to try and figure them out.

The first set is from the CD that Harris compiled and titled CalArts Spring 2006. The second two sets are additional recordings from March 10th, and April 21st 2006. At least 2 of the tracks on the compilation CD came from these recordings but I haven’t yet ascertained if there are any other duplicates.

Adam Fong
Lewis Keller
Cat Lamb

01 Calarts Spring 2006 Track 01 9:31
02 Calarts Spring 2006 Track 02 Fifteen Sixteenths Drums 14:54
03 Calarts Spring 2006 Track 03 8:14
04 Calarts Spring 2006 Track 04 6:51
05 Calarts Spring 2006 Track 05 8:01
06 Calarts Spring 2006 Track 06 10:22
07 Calarts Spring 2006 Track 07 13:39
08 Track 01:03.10.06 Duplicate Calarts Spring 2006 Track 06 10:20
09 Track 02:03.10.06 10:44
10 Track 03:03.10.06 15:22
11 Track 01:04.21.06 7:59
12 Track 02:04.21.06 Shells 8:48
13 Track 03:04.21.06 Three Flats 10:11
14 Track 04:04.21.06 Duplicate Calarts Spring 2006 Track 07 13:39

“3 bagatelles,” february 21st, 2009 in new york

From Eric km Clark:
I’m coming back to NYC to do this joint solo show with Mr. James Moore, and it will be an oddly good time.

Also, some of you may find it of interest that I’ll be doing the first NYC performance of Harris’ piece “3 Bagatelles”. It’s beautiful.

Event: February 21, 2009: James Moore (New York)/Eric km Clark (Los Angeles)
What: Performance
Host: Experimental Music at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater
Start Time:Saturday, February 21, 2009 at 10:00pm
End Time: Sunday, February 22, 2009 at 12:00am
Where: Ontological-Hysteric Theater at St. Mark’s Church, 131 east 10th street and 2nd ave, new york city, 10003

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

sketches from high school 3: never before heard

Dave and I put 2 and 2 together on this one this past weekend (Literally. We overlaid 2 vocal tracks to 2 music tracks in Audacity) and came up with a song neither of us had ever heard before. Dave thinks Harris may have written this for a particular musician from the All State Jazz Band sometime around 1990? I think you can hear some Paul Simon influence in it. We’re 100% certain it’s an original and for now have called it “For Her.”

[audioalbum title=”Sketches From High School” detail=”  Details” date=”1990″][audiotrack title=”For Her” songwriter=”Harris” mp3=”″]

world on a string band

Harris Wulfson with the World on a String Band at the Ukrainian National Home restaurant, December 6, 2007, New York City. — (l to r: Sarah Alden, Patrick Farrell, Benjy Fox-Rosen, Ljova, Harris Wulfson).. . Photographed by Anna Rozenblat.

I have virtually no information here so I need a lot of help. This was one of the last bands Harris played with. The last time I saw him, he told me he couldn’t wait for Sarah to get back from tour so they could all get together and play! I took the audio clips from Flickr and added the fades to make the clips less choppy. If anyone has any recordings, let me know. They may not exist.

I’ve included the links to the Flickr movies below as well as the mp3 clip I made of their audio.

01.flikr clip 1
Freddy’s Backroom, 2007. Here is the moment during the jam where they played “world on a string” ! Harris played the ukulele for this one.

02.flikr clip 2
Freddy’s Backroom, 2007. World on a String played and then there was this fantastic jam. Pure joy. A magical night. The movie is really dark but we can see (and hear!) Harris behind Patrick.

03.flikr clip 3
At Banjo Jim’s, June 08, 2007.

04.flikr clip 4
At Banjo Jim’s, June 08, 2007.

wosb 1:53

projects with astrograss

I came across this email from Harris in my email archives:

Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2004 18:11:20 -0400
Subject: astrograss session
From: “harris wulfson”
To: “Javier Garcia”, “Juliana Trivers”, “Matt Donahue”, “Ben Herzog”, “Emily Gardiner”, “David M Sollors”, “Mark Yokoyama”, “Michelle Wulfson”

this actually came out all right. just for fun i went into the studio with astrograss (not really a traditional recording studio, but rather a special reverberant room designed for practice and recitals). it’s the five tracks at the bottom. i’m only really on 1,2, and 5.

astrograss plays straight up “newgrass” music (sam bush is their hero).


I forwarded it to Jordan who sent me back the mp3 tracks as they are no longer on the Astrograss website. The following note is snipped from his email:

So, we had those files on our website for maybe a year or so, but they were taken down a while ago. Anyhow, I just found them on my computer and yes, that’s Harris’ amazing fiddle all over it. So the tracks are:

“Jerusalem Ridge” (Bill Monroe)
“Cherokee Shuffle” (trad.)
“Dirtiest Man in the World” (w: Shel Silverstein, m: Jordan Shapiro)

The musicians are myself on guitar/vocals, Dennis Lichtman on mandolin, Tim Kiah and bass/vocals and Harris on fiddle.

From the looks of Harris’ email it was July 2004, which seems accurate in my mind. We went into that weird recording/per space a couple
times, although I don’t remember it ever being in the summer, but I know we did a festival gig in upstate NY with Harris on June 19, 2004,
so it seems like we were doing some playing with Harris in summer 2004.
Astrograss debut CD from 2005
Astrograss children’s music CD “let me stay up all night” from 2008

01 Jerusalem Ridge 4:34
02 CherokeeShuffle 2:59
03 DirtiestMan 4:20


Update: I found the full CD the other day and asked Jordan, again, to fill in the blanks. Here is his response and 7 additional tracks:

So the deal with this room was this: It was a ‘demo’/showroom for this Concertinio product in midtown NYC.
The product was a complete installation of a high-end music performance system installed into wealthy people’s homes. The walls of the room get completely covered in speakers and there are small microphones all over the ceiling. When you play music with the system on, it suddenly sounds like you’re playing in a huge auditorium, rather than a small room. It was pretty amazing. There were different settings to use with the system, hence the ‘introductions’ by the technician at the beginning of each track. I think Dennis went to college with the guy who was working for the inventor. They hired us to demo the room throughout the day while interested people checked it out. It was very interesting to play there.

04 Big Sciota 2:26
05 Big Sciota 2:59
06 Colleen Malone 3:35
07 Eye of the Hurricane 4:57
08 The Highwayman 5:34
09 Flash Flood 3:24
10 The TV Set 4:35

harris ‘n’ dave at levels, june 19th, 1993

I wonder if anyone still has a poster from this event? If I’ve left anyone off the performer list, please let me know!

Harris Wulfson – Violin, Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals
Dave Sollors – Guitar, Vocals
Jamie Forrest – bass
Russell Gellman – drums
Dan Horwitz – keyboards

The Brass Holes:
Alex Feinman
Ben Whitney
Mike Kohan

01 Celebration 6:48
02 Delivery Man Blues 6:46
03 Banter 1:09
04 Wake Up And Greet The Dawn 3:59
05 ABC 4:40
06 You're So Mean To Me 5:03
07 Banter 1:28
08 kodachrome youve gotta fight 6:54
09 Banter 1:36
10 The Last Evening 4:44
11 In The Pocket 4:43
12 Banter 1:11
13 dancin in the street kiss the mighty quinn 13:45
14 Hurricaine Jane 5:18
15 Banter 2:44
16 Purple Rain 8:02
17 Banter 0:42
18 Sweet Jane 6:03

harris mentioned on wnyc soundcheck

Soundcheck America’s show on Antheil was replayed tonight on NPR. This is the performance that got written up in the NY Times in June (link to NY Times or a .pdf printout).

Harris gets a mention at about 17 minutes into the broadcast though they don’t play any of his work.

The second half is about George Antheil’s Ballet Mecanique (after the segment on wine and music). Click on the link to the Monday, October 13, 2008 show, then click on the link on the right for the second segment of the show, Ballet Mecanique.

projects with rowland stebbins

Harris played with Freyja Balmer Gallagher on Rowland Stebbins’ EP titled Hook, Line & Sinker, 2002. Rowland graciously allowed me to post all the tracks from the album as well as track 7 from Rowland’s album, All Over, which Harris played with Rowland at Merlefest in 2003.

01 Died and Went to Nashville 3:38
02 Get Me Some 4:27
03 No End in Sight 2:50
04 So Blue 4:20
05 Tennesee Way 3:26
07 Wine and Beer When You're Here (And Whiskey When You're Gone) 3:14

sketches from high school 2: covers

What did YOU do with your high school weekend afternoons? Harris played with his 4-track. And taught himself to play the accordion…

Again, this post will be updated further as I discover more recordings. Or better/more complete versions.

01 The Myth Of Fingerprints 3:44
02 There Will Never Be Another You 3:36
03 The Chicken 4:30

sketches from high school 1: tchatzkies

Ok I admit I haven’t a clue what to name this post so I kind of went literal. Here are a collection of sketches, baubles, trinkets or what have you that Harris recorded in high school. This is the post where he’d be rolling his eyes at me and saying “oh no! what are you DOING!?! Don’t post that up there!!” So Harris, I’m sorry. But some of the folks really DO want to hear these things.

I expect this post will be updated with more later as I find them – or find more complete versions of them.

In the meantime, I bring you:

01.the quadratic roots song – A bluegrass song.

02.someday when i’m famous – Judy Penner, someday when you’re famous this will be worth a lot of money.

03.silver staff – A “New Wave” song. Harris and Alex Feinman set out to write an ’80’s pop song using every cliche in the book one night during a holiday party.

04.why can’t a woman be more like a man – Well, Rex Harrison really WAS an early rap star, wasn’t he?

01 The Quadratic Roots Song 3:14
02 Someday When I'm famous 3:46
03 Silver Staff 3:21
04 Why Can't A Woman Be More Like A Man 3:04