three rap collaborations

During the later part of the Harris n’ Dave era, the guys got interested in funk, rap and mixing. This is probably about the time when Harris started formulating ideas for his future band creation, H-Bomb.

Dave will hopefully fill me in since I know I’m leaving a lot out here but I believe the following pieces were influenced by Parliament and The Beastie Boys, with samples from Paul Simon, Tom Lehrer, Benny Goodman and the Soundtrack from The Taking of Pelham 123.

I apologize that track 01 cuts off because the tape I had it on ran out. I’m still looking for a more complete version of this recording.



Three Rap Collaborations


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  1. I take it back. I am no longer embarrassed by you posting Hurricane Jane. The embarrassment of the public distribution of our white rap masterworks obliterates all other past embarrassments…

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