bowl, cat, and broomstick and dracula

First Published on August 26, 2008:


The first track below was composed for Wallace Stevens’ Bowl, Cat, and Broomstick. I found Harris’ note stating “This piece is comprised of three looped layers of music, which were mixed in and out live during the performance. This recording progresses through just layer 1, then 1 + 2, then 1 + 2 + 3 followed by just 3.

The next series of tracks were composed as the incidental music for Mac Wellman’s Dracula which was directed by David Levine and presented by the Mark Theatre Company at the Ohio Theatre, 66 Wooster St., NY (11/14 – 11/29, 1997)

Other recent notes from Dave Levine: Track 1 is actually: Transylvania [reprise]–I think we might have used it at intermission. Track 7 is Curtain [Transylvania #3]


Music for Wallace Stevens' Bowl, Cat, and Broomstick




Music for Mac Wellman's Dracula 1997


Updated August 3, 2009:
I found and converted Harris’ DAT recordings of Dracula and also found some sheet music sketches. Conveniently, Harris left a track list that seems to align with the sheet music. Harris names are slightly different from the ones David provided above. Curiously, the tracks are listed from 2 to 11, not 1 – 10.

The first 4 tracks below were on one tape and other 10 on another tape. They may actually be duplicates. For sure most of these tracks are duplicates from the ones I posted above with some minor exceptions and the addition of Carfax.


Sketches for Dracula 1997


I’ve scanned and posted the sheet music notes that I found in the order I found them in. They’re still a bit of a puzzle.

3 thoughts to “bowl, cat, and broomstick and dracula

  1. What wonderful music. And do we know whether this is all Harris playing many or all these parts too? (I would venture to say most of it could be — I mean, maybe not the arco bass but I’d guess the violins, mandolin, accordion, whistle…)

    Thanks. I’m so moved. And though we were also playing klezmer etc. with him in these years, and probably going to see him doing bluegrass and Balkan around then, I had no idea he was doing these shows too.

  2. I seem to recall Harris saying he hired out a couple of parts on Dracula, but I know the viola was entirely him.

    It was totally great music. Harris made music that was witty and dramatic and abstract all at once.Working with him was really inspiring.

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