a concert of music by harris wulfson ’96

invitation If you click on the invitation to the left, you will link to the full program. As you can see, I am missing a recording of Canon and A Little Chamber Music. I DO, however, have sheet music and/or notations for everything listed as Harris published his undergraduate thesis.

Since the performance also involved real time delay loops, video and some improvisation, I am hoping someone has a videotape recording of it.

Some notes from Harris on the following recordings:

String Quartet (1996)
The first movement of this quartet is based on the Bulgarian Kopanitsa dance (with its 11/16 meter). The third movement takes Moravian song as source material. The piece is structured on the micro and macro level around the wedge shape formed by the ascending B, C#, D, D# and descending B, Bb, A, Ab.

Love Songs for Viola and Electric Bass
Digital delay with endless feedback and spoken parts.

What is a Work? Quartet for Clarinet and Bassoon
This “Quartet” makes use of a long (two minute) tape delay. The passage recited from Foucault (ostensibly introductory) gets played back over the music, which is twelve-tone.

10 measures for Electronic Conductor/Prelude
The nonsensical (Cagian?) act of conducting in silence to the audience is later revealed to have a purpose. [my note on this: this piece involved video rewinds and playback]


Amherst Thesis 1996


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